Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prep work and Organization Skills

Yesterday, Joint Council was a pretty busy place. Tom and Rebecca are preparing to go to Ethiopia. They had a lot of different documents about Joint Council that they needed printed out and copied before they go next week. So, I got to figure out how much everything costs, upload the documents, and place the order with certain details for the documents. This sounds simple, but it actually took me a long time. As I get more familiar with certain programs and understand the best way to do things, hopefully I'll be able to get things like this done more quickly. I have picked up the etapesty database we use fairly easily. I'm sure my dad would also be proud that I'm using Microsoft Excel everyday, a program he labels "really cool" but I never found the use for before this internship. The day was topped off nicely with cupcakes for everyone, compliments of Rebecca.

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