Friday, November 13, 2009

Work and Play

This Wednesday at Joint Council, I worked on a variety of things. I called stores that we had sent letters to about donating prizes for our photo contest to see if they had received them and faxed certain stores more information. Then, I helped another intern file information and agreement forms for Joint Council's annual conference for 2010. I also helped set up for the fundraising event that we had at the Spanish restaurant, La Tasca. Up to 20% of the revenue for the night went to Joint Council. We had an information table, a raffle for a free massage, and a few staff members were interviewed by Comcast. The waiters and waitresses also told all of their tables about the organization. I got a table with two other interns and one of their boyfriends and we ate delicious tapas! It was a pretty good day and fun to be with the Joint Council staff outside of work.

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