Friday, November 20, 2009

working wednesday, fun friday

On Wednesday this week, I continued to call some of the stores we are hoping will donate prizes for our photo contest. I also called two Target stores that agreed to donate $25 gift cards to make arrangements to pick them up. Next, I searched for news articles on adoption in Ethiopia. I saved the articles in word documents and have an ongoing Excel Spreadsheet documenting all the articles that have been posted since September. Then, I continued to work on the member directory "clean-up" in Etapestry.

Today (Friday), Joint Council had another fundraising event. Every Friday in November, the teahouse/restaurant Teaism donates 10% of its sales to Joint Council. So, today, the staff of Joint Council went to the Teaism in Penn Quarter for lunch. Instead of going to the office for just two hours, I did some work at home and met everyone there. Lunch was delicious and a lot of fun. Afterwords, Tom, Rebecca, and I went to see Front Line, a movie about a homeless boy who is adopted by a family and becomes an NFL player. The movie was based off of a true story. The adoptive parents were the recipients of the Angels in Adoption award in 2009. The movie was excellent, and definitely relevant to Joint Council's theme that every child deserves a loving family. It was a really fun day and I really enjoyed spending time with my co-workers.

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